Intuition: Fact or Fiction?

Intuition Workshop

Are you intuitive? A skeptic? Just plain fascinated by the human brain? Join Eric Olive from Decision Genius to learn when to trust your gut and when to question it in favor of a more deliberate and analytical response. Based on the latest research about intuition, this presentation will reveal the surprising truth about intuition-based decisions.

We’ll start by identifying your decision style as we proceed to explore the fascinating, powerful, and sometimes perilous nature of intuitive decision making.

You’ll learn:

  • The difference between emotion and intuition.
  • The difference between insights and intuition.
  • About the power of intuition in certain, specific circumstances.
  • How, in other situations, intuition can lead you astray, sometimes at great cost.


Part 1: Intuition Explained

A real-world case study will illustrate intuition-based decision making.

Next, we’ll help you identify your decision style as we explore the differences between intuition, insights, and emotion. Specifically, we’ll discuss:

  • The seductive nature of emotion and why it often leads us astray.
  • How insights differ from intuition, and why this distinction is important.
  • The real basis for intuition, patterns and expertise.

Part 2: The Power and Perils of Intuition

With these distinctions in place, we’ll learn how your expertise serves as the basis for sound, intuition-based decisions under certain, highly specific circumstances. Next, we’ll explain the high cost of relying on intuition when these conditions are not in place.

Part 3: Intuition and Analysis

Finally, we’ll work with your real-world choices as we experiment with the power of combining intuition and analysis in cases where analysis or intuition alone is insufficient.

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