Have a decision dilemma? Facing a choice conundrum? Visit the DecisionLab for an experiment in decision science. Workshop leader Eric Olive will guide you through a series of fun, interactive activities designed to elicit your best decision brain.

We’ll help you consider and prioritize the important choices you face and then select one, important decision to work on in our lab. You’ll be privy to the DecisionLab formula that will show you how:

  • The subconscious mind drives our decisions, often in an undesirable direction.
  • To demystify decision making by becoming an active problem seeker and combatting the collective love fest known as group think.
  • To forge a path to decision precision by obliterating obstacles to sound decision making.

Don’t let your mind betray you. Join Decision Genius and train your brain to make better decisions again and again.


Eric Olive - Decision Genius

Eric Olive: Workshop Leader

DecisionLab Overview

Part 1: Impact

A recent case study will illustrate the perils of bad business decisions.

Then, we’ll jump into a short exercise to help prioritize and categorize the most important decisions we face today.

After choosing one decision from the list, we’ll use the DecisionLab toolkit to identify key elements that factor into this decision. Along the way, we’ll learn why we:

  • Often rush to judgment and the perils therein.
  • Have a natural tendency to fall in love with our ideas and fail to consider other valid ideas and solutions.
  • Often ignore signs of trouble when rolling out a new product, strategy, or initiative.

Part 2: The Path to Decision Precision

With key decision factors in place and common barriers to decision making identified, we’ll practice the DecisionLab method as we:

  • Examine the role a healthy organizational culture plays in sound decision making.
  • Draw new frames to achieve conceptual clarity while crafting an evidence-based decision-making process.
  • Review fun, creative examples of effective decisions such as the CEO who fired himself, and why it worked.


Decisiont Training Workshop

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