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Two Steps to Better Design Decisions

While the human brain is our greatest design resource, it also erects barriers in the form of cognitive bias, or brain quirks. Sadly, such brain quirks are legion and include the optimism, overconfidence, availability, and confirmation biases. The confirmation bias presents an especially difficult challenge because it causes us to seek evidence that supports our […]

Anchored in Good Design

In a previous post, we outlined the anchoring and adjustment bias, the fact that an uninformative number can easily influence our judgment. In other words, we are surrounded by facts and figures meaning that we rarely make decisions in a vacuum. We must, therefore, remain cognizant of the possibility that our choices can be influenced […]

Study of Human Behavior

“This is stupid!” she exclaimed in a thick, New Jersey accent. The object of this invective? A web site. The setting? A usability test in the lab. The result? Priceless. As the moderator, nothing I could ever say or do would convey the power of those three, simple words. It doesn’t get any better (or […]

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