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When Bias Trumps Design Part 2

In When Bias Trumps Design Part 1 we used a photo of M&Ms® to show how we tend to overlook anything that is not right in front of our eyes. In the photo, the missing items were brown M&Ms®. While overlooking missing M&Ms® is hardly important, the implications for interface design are serious. Just as we […]

When Bias Trumps Design: Part 1

What do you see below? Anything missing? Photo by gmanviz License There are no brown M&Ms® in the jar. Don’t worry if you missed it; most people do. Unless you’re an M&Ms® fanatic, you probably don’t care about the color of this American candy icon. Indeed, the colors themselves don’t matter. What’s important is that […]

Risk Aversion

A Risk-Averse Business Climate “We’re afraid to take a chance,” replied the treasurer at a large, U.S.-based manufacturing firm. He was responding to my question about the biggest challenges he faced at work. Executives complain about a lack of fresh ideas from the front lines while employees lament the absence of bold leadership. “Where is […]

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